All tickets were sold out! Stay tuned for the drawings, the winner will be picked on here. Good Luck!

What Is

The Prize?

If all tickets are sold, The first place gets 210 Ark, second place gets 87.5 Ark and third place gets 52.5 Ark. That corresponds to 60%/25%/15% of the total payout. In case we don't sell all the tickets, we'll payout those percentages from the total Ark accumulated.

Buy Tickets

How Does

It Work?

To buy a ticket, you'll be promped to send 1 Ark + 0.1 fee to our wallet The total must be 1.1 Ark. You'll be given a smartbridge code, which you must paste into the wallet client when you're sending the transaction. This code is unique and it is matched with the number of the ticket you've chosen. All smartbridge codes were stored in the blockchain and can be verified on this transaction.

We'll use the third party to pick the winner. We have scheduled it to run at 8:00 AM Eastern Time on February 15th. It will pick 40 random ticket numbers, just in case we don't sell all the tickets, and the first three numbers it picks that have matching purchased tickets will denote the winners. You can verify the drawings result here. This url has been permanently stored in the blockchain, so users can verify that it has not been changed.

Looking for a delegate to vote for? We're ArkLand, check out our proposal to learn more!